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We at Visthar invite YOU to a serene ambience, welcoming you into a relaxing space that blends rich, earth-tone hues within a simple yet elegant setting. The Center is dedicated to arousing the imagination and stimulating the exchange of ideas and knowledge. An ideal retreat, an artist’s inspiration, or simply a place to relax, walk, breathe the air, take in the natural beauty and experience nature.

Discover the rhythm of life as you work and play in the heart of nature. 

Away from the bustle of Bangalore city, Visthar’s Conference and Retreat Center allows you to focus on your passions, by living in the serenity of a six-acre eco-sanctuary. From lush green to fluid spaces each and every corner has something special to offer. 

With accommodation for upto 150 guests, the center hosts schools, universities, corporates, enterprises and organizations from India and abroad. We are proud to be a hub for environmental consciousness and socio-cultural awareness. In the past, through our parent organisation Visthar we have hosted acclaimed events that highlighted the challenges to basic human rights, the survival of the marginalized, and the need to evolve sustainable alternatives for development. 

Whether you’re conducting a conference, workshop or celebration, Visthar offers you a lush environment that’s flexible for work or leisure. 


This meditation space transports you to a space filled with serenity and calm to soothe your senses. Set against the backdrop of nature and tranquility, the experience is truly mystical.


Under tall trees in the midst of the sanctuary is the well, the soul of the place. It has been a perfect stimuli for fuelling your creativity.


The Manoranjitham nursery is well stocked with varieties of culinary, medicinal and aromatic herbs. Keeping with our ethos of eco sanctuary, we are attempting to preserve rare species of medicinal plants.


There is a natural balance that needs to be maintained for the existence of life. Our organic farming venture is one such response. We introduce and give a hands on experience to our visitors at the centre.

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