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Conferences and more

From engaging workshops and conferences, formal board meetings to inspiring team meetings our clients have prompted us to create unique spaces close to nature. With a seminar hall that can be customised into theatre, cluster or boardroom style seating and open spaces to cater to outdoor workshops and activities, visthar’s serene atmosphere is a must try.

Building social consciousness or Experiential learning

At Visthar we believe that the heart of all learning is the way we process our experiences especially our critical reflections which are key to a sustainable future. We create tailor made modules/workshops on building social consciousness.


Fun and adventure of the outdoors is an essential tool that we use to organise camps for children, youth or large groups of individuals. We partner with external agencies to offer the best camping experiences at our centre.


Our herbal nursery gives an opportunity for visitors to explore and learn about various herbs and medicinal plants.


Life is full of celebration moments be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other happy occasion. You could decide on a bonfire and barbeque or a small group get together or hundreds of guests with a formal dinner or lunch. You can rely on Visthar to make your special moment a memorable one.

Potters wheel

Pottery could be art for some or therapy or a means of livelihood. We at Visthar offer you experiences in pottery which could be included in your workshops/team meetings.

Handmade paper unit

We at Visthar believe that any art is an expression that can be used to awaken, inspire and educate. The handmade paper unit was started with the same objective using it as a medium for workshops/camps/training programmes.

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